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Thread: Bed wetting issues

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    Bed wetting issues

    My son is 7 yrs old. He still wets bed. I have heard that boys take time to have control over their bladder but I think that it is high time now that he learns to control his bladder. Does this mean he is having a problem? Do I need to consult a doctor? Please please help me.

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    Boys do have some difficulty in controlling their bladder but there is no hard and fast rule. To avoid bed wetting, you can try to limit water intake near his bed time. Make sure that he empties his bladder before going to bed. Don't ever make him conscious about this habit of his or the fear of bed wetting may prolong the issue more. Just relax and explain him. He will surely be able to control his bladder.

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    Have you checked out with a physician and taken a medical history to rule out medical causes, such as constipation or infection for your kid's bed wetting issues. Most bedwetting is due to primary enuresis, caused by a delay in the maturation of the mechanisms controlling the bladder.Helping your child delay urination during the day is a good strategy for teaching bladder control.In this strategy, you have to use a timer, and ask your child to tell you when he has to go, then ask him to hold it for another few minutes. You start with about five minutes and add a couple minutes each time, he says. The goal is to get to 45 minutes.This really works

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