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Thread: Snacks for birthday party

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    Snacks for birthday party

    Birthday parties at home are really tiring. First the planning stage, then bringing everything. The most difficult one is deciding on the menu. There are many options but I can't decide what kids will like as it their day basically. What snacks should I include in my kids birthday party?

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    Cookies, mini pizzas, mini rolls, candy sticks, vegetable lollypops are all excellent snack ideas for kids. Kids love to have fuss free foods so make sure that you have lots of foods that are easy to eat so that kids can eat and play at the same time. Moreover it is easier to have finger foods as there will be less mess.

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    I agree.. Planning the menu is very tough. Satisfying each and every kid is very difficult but I guess one can work on this aspect with some innovative ideas. When I keep a birthday party for kids, I try to include more of finger foods and dry snacks. Kids love something that is not messy. Kids are more interested in colours and presentations. If presentation is to their liking then they will readily eat their food. You can keep french fries, cheese balls, mini cup cakes and so on. Just make some changes and kids will loooooove it.

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