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Thread: Confusion in baby lotion

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    Question Confusion in baby lotion

    I have been using Johnson & Johnson milk lotion for my baby since birth till 6 weeks. Later, my pedeac told to stop it and use Cetaphil, which gave lot of rashes within 4-5 days of usage, so i stopped and continued with J&J which was fine for his skin.. Later, my pedeac again told to stop it and use Chicco ,which is giving rashes after using it for 3 days, so I stopped it now.. I am confused why doctor is advising not to use J&J, even though it didnt give any issue in my baby's skin.. Can someone advise on this? My baby is 12 weeks old now..

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    Hi friend, i dont know why doctor is prescribing you different lotions even though ur baby is comfortable with j&J. I had been using all the j&j products from the birth of my baby till now, she is 2years old now. i did not find any issues, none of the doctors advised me to change the same. so better continue which is good, once again clarify with the doctor y he is advising different products. Take care of your baby dear.

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