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Thread: Don't want to go to school....

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    Don't want to go to school....


    Waking up children early morning for getting ready for the school is a task...little kids with droopy eyes doesn’t want to wake up so early and dress up. Every day I hear funny excuses from Abeer (my 3yr old son) that he doesn’t want to go to school, as his eyes are hurting due to sleep, he can’t open his eyes etc

    Today while waking him up for the school again the same thing came up –

    Abeer : “I don’t want to go to school”

    Me (making him realize the importance of going to school): “You don’t want to go to school, ok then we will get you a Rickshaw and you can become a rickshaw puller, as if we don’t go to school and study – we have to work "

    Abeer: “No, don’t do this”

    Me: “Oh yes, I will give your school bag to some other kid, and papa will get you a rickshaw today”

    Abeer: “No, mummy rickshaw will be too big, my feet will not reach its pedal, how will I drive it then”

    HAHAHAHAHA, Kids and their approach, witty answers, sometime you just can’t help yourself other than laugh on their surprising reply
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    How sensibly the mother handles the kid in that dialogue! Most of the times kids don't feel like going to the school specially when it rains. sometimes it's hard to convince the kids to go to the school. We need to go along with them and make them understand. Interesting!

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    True, thanks for liking Payal

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    lol kids are funny. My son thew tantrums but has recently stopped after he became assembly monitor at Orchids.

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    my daughter too doesn't want to even get up early in the morning. every day is a new challenge. but she agrees instantly if I offer her some candies or chocolate. kids are soooooooooooooooo bossy

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    Hi all, the most common thing you can hear from your child’s mouth is that he or she doesn’t want to go to school. I find this really funny even my daughter used to say that and give such funny excuses to not to go to school. This not that serious matter you will find every child saying this in every house. Children tend to give various reasons like they did not do the homework so that you can say okay then don’t go. Then children might do some more drama and acting to convince you and is scared that he or she will get scolding and so does not want to go to school.

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    Hello, I have been through this and do not worry this is not really a very serious matter. My son used to make excuses for not going to school. He used to say I cannot wake up so early for school and cannot get out of the bed. I used to find this really hilarious and it was fun to see what excuses he gives every day for not going to school. Children are very lethargic to get up in the morning and find it difficult to get up early in the morning and want to sleep more so that they can skip school.

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    My son used to delay and take his own sweet time to do things when I woke him up for school. He used to slowly brush, take his own time for bath, I had to always go behind him so that he could hurry up. He intentionally tried to miss his school bus so that he dint have to go to school. I asked him one day why does he do it purposely every day, then he said that one of his peer used to bully him and that is why he avoided going to school. The next day I went to meet the teacher and told her the problem. She called that child’s parents and told them that their child was behaving like this.

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