My husband and I are 65. two years ago, my husband told me that he got his office secretary pregnant and that he was going to have another child.

I was very very angry and upset but after spending so many years together, what could I do. My daughter is married. I couldnt even think of leaving him. His family is more mine than his. Now, his daughter is born and that other women is constantly blackmailing him and saying things like i am going to commit suicide or i am going to harm the baby. my husband wants to bring the baby to our house. I cannot stand that. i dont want everyone to know what my husband has done. I dont want everyone to know that my husband not only cheated on me but also got another woman pregnant. That woman is making demands like wanting a flat in her name in our posh locality and unlimited money at her disposal and so on. what do i do?

i cannot take it.