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Thread: can moisturiser cause zits?

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    Question can moisturiser cause zits?

    i bought a really expensive moisturiser from forest essentials recently but i have noticed that i get zits very often since i started using it. is it possible to get more zits and pimples from moisturiser? I love the cream but it seems like me skin doesnt

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    Moisturizers can give rise to acne. My skin is dry but even then I cannot use all types of moisturizers as I get rashes and acne. For me, choosing a moisturizer is a difficult task. I also had the same problem, got a very expensive moisturizer but could hardly use it as I got acne. My skin became worse. I would suggest you not to think of money but rather take care of your skin. Choose oil free moisturizers.

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    I am surprised to know that moisturizers can cause zits. I always thought that moisturizers are for good skin. They give a flawless complexion but now I would be extra careful before using moisturizers. After hearing from you, I have become more skeptical. How do I know that which moisturizer will suit my skin. I feel immense pain when I have to discard the cream after buying one and knowing that it does not suit me.

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