My son is very keen on participating in fancy dress competition in our society. He wants to be dressed up as something unique or something that is not common. I gave him many ideas as dressing up as an instrument or a fruit or vegetable but he rejected them all. He says they are very common and there is no uniqueness to them. I am falling short of ideas. I asked my friend and he suggested to dress him up as a table. She suggested that I use a cardboard box with a cutout for his head, decorated with a tablecloth, and glued dishes of paper food onto it. I found this interesting. Another idea was to dress up as a troll. What do you think guys? Which one would be better? I could not find images for being dressed as a table but I gave you the idea of how I am going to do it. Here's my idea of being dressed up as a troll. Help me decide. Thank you all in advance.