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Thread: Insect Themed Fancy Dress

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    Insect Themed Fancy Dress

    Last month there was fancy dress competition in my daughters school. The theme given to her was 'insects'. Now this was very stressful time for me. I just could not think of any ideas. How could I transform my pretty daughter to an insect. I started searching on internet and zeroed in a spider. I thought this was easy as the costume I needed was of black colour which is easily available. To break the monotony for my daughter, I used red and black colour. I made artificial legs from newspaper and used black and red colour cloth to cover it. The result was wonderful and she won the first prize
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    Thats the most creative way to puit up a Spider, I loved every bit and detailing done on it,
    Too good and very well done , also

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    Seriously it is awesome.. very beautiful and creative.

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