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Thread: Gifts for Young Children

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    Gifts for Young Children

    What kind of gifts do you normally buy for young kids? Do you believe that kids will only appreciate expensive gifts? How do you buy gifts that are not only age-appropriate and enjoyable, but also help in a child’s development?
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    I like to buy gifts that will let out their imaginations. The more a child is involved in something, the more he is mentally active and this also aids in his mental and physical development. I give age specific gifts. Many times I keep in consideration the interests of the child. small kids are more interested in colourful gifts. Big kids like mentally stimulating gifts or books.

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    Who doesn't love gifts including kids? I am with you... Any gift which will help child's imaginative and cognitive skills is worth to buy.
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    Agree, but small kids are more into dolls or toys such as toy cars. They like their gift to be play worthy, something that they can play with alone and also show off to their friends. My young daughter likes Barbie. She has a collection of Barbies and if somebody gifts her books or puzzles, she likes but not that much.
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