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Thread: Tools for Managing Cash Flow

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    Tools for Managing Cash Flow

    Hi everyone,

    Along with 3 co-founders, I've just started a FinTech company in South Wales. We're looking to get feedback from UK SMEs on how they manage their cash flow, what tools they've had success with, and what they'd like to see from a new cash flow solution. Any feedback would be much appreciated, as I'm sure like yourselves cash flow is priority right now!

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    This tool sounds prettu interesting to me. Thank you for sharing this.

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    I find the question a bit too broad. Not sure what exactly you are looking for. My personal opinion is that you can do it yourself only if you are sure you can do it better than a professional you could delegate it to. Most of my colleagues (I am a doctor) prefer the latter option. They are using financial planning physicians and seem satisfied with the service so far.

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