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Thread: I lack support

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    I lack support

    I want to start trading Forex, and, to be honest, I counted on the moral and financial support of my parents. I have a good theoretical base, so I am sure that I will get a good result. However, they refused me funding and backing.

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    Look, it's weird to ask your parents for money to trade crypto. It seems to me that it would be better if you started doing this on your own, albeit with a small investment.

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    Hi guys. Look, why don't you try applying to one of the proprietary Forex trading firms? If you have not heard anything about it, then I advise you to check https://www.audacitycapital.co.uk/. If you pass the interview and get approved, then this firm will provide you with the necessary funding, shaping your future, and this is a really cool opportunity. Read more about the terms and conditions on their website.

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