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Thread: How should you choose what stroller to buy?

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    How should you choose what stroller to buy?

    I spent a lot of time researching strollers when we had our kid, and think I got a reasonable sense of this space.

    There are several features worth looking for in a stroller, some of which aren't obvious until you've actually experienced the wrong stroller:

    Big wheels: Bigger wheels make it easier to push on rough surfaces like grass and gravel. They also make it easier to go up and down curbs and stairs. However bigger wheels obviously take up more space when the stroller is folded up.
    Stable: A stroller with a wide wheelbase is likely to be more stable. This doesn't matter much when you have a toddler in a seat because the center of gravity is low, but can make a big difference when using a bassinet or a car seat, when the narrower strollers can feel a bit tippy.
    No rear axle: If you have a long stride then strollers that have a rear axle can be very annoying because you will be kicking it constantly.
    Brake pedal doesn't extend past rear wheels: Some strollers have a brake pedal that extends beyond the rear wheels. This is horrible because it always catches on the edge of curbs and steps.
    Easily removable and washable cover: At some point your stroller is going to get poo on it. It's nice if you can easily get the cover off and throw it in the washing machine.
    Folds down small: If the stroller folds down small, then it will be much easier to fit in the back of a car, and take up less space in your house when you aren't using it.
    One-hand fold: A lot of strollers require you to use two hands to fold them up. This is fine when putting a stroller in the car because the kid is safely in their car seat, but is really annoying if you want to get on a bus or go down some stairs, because then you need the other hand to hold the kid.
    Takes the car seat you want: Ideally without an adapter - because adapters can be fiddly and may need to be removed before you can fold up the stroller.
    Reclines: If you want your kid to be able to sleep in the stroller then you likely want a lot of recline.
    Takes a bassinet: A lot of parents do fine without this - having the kid sleep in a car seat, or fully reclined seat, but a bassinet will probably work better if your seat will take one.

    Easy to carry over your shoulder: If you plan to spend a lot of time going up and down stair cases or getting on buses then it's really nice to be able to sling the stroller over your shoulder while carrying the kid with both arms. Some lighter strollers have a shoulder strap that makes this easy.
    Big storage area: If you want to go shopping with your stroller then you really don't want to have to push both a shopping cart and a stroller, which means that having a huge storage area under the stroller is a big bonus.

    Reversible seat: Having a reversible seat is nice when the kid is young because you can talk to them while pushing them, and easily look at them to make sure they are okay.
    Extensible handle: If you are tall then the ability to raise the handle up is really nice and can make pushing a good bit more comfortable.

    Easy to maneuver: Some of the bigger strollers can be quite difficult to deal with in confined spaces. You may also find you can't get them into restaurants, or past obstacles on the sidewalk.
    Takes a second kid: If you have two young kids then it's really nice to be able to put them both in the same stroller.

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