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Thread: Best practices for using background video?

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    Best practices for using background video?

    Hey guys,

    Building a site, need advice on a couple things related to homepage background video

    I. Is a background video 6MB in size too big to be embedded in my landing page?

    II. What should I know about using background videos embedded in landing pages? Optimal size? Resolution? Explain it to me please like I haven't touched front-end dev in a while

    III. Is there a way to ease the browser-loading-burden for my users by cutting my video into multiple pieces and serving them asynchronously?

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    Clients often ask for em, we advise against, but sometimes they insist anyway. Sucks for accessibility and bandwidth, can be a hassle with maintenance as browsers keep updating their auto-play policies, and chances are users are just scrolling right past them anyway. Not worth the hassle.

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    When you are open and transparent, you build trust with your audience. Video gives you the opportunity to show your true colors, reach out to your audience, and communicate your offer. Service https://darvideo.tv/landing-page-video/ can make such cool videos. Your product will definitely be noticed

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