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Thread: I broke up with my boyfriend

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    I broke up with my boyfriend

    I feel pretty lonely because I recently broke up with my boyfriend. I want to communicate, but my friend will come only in a week, and it seems to me that I'm beginning to withdraw.

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    Look, this world doesn't end with this guy. You're already a full-fledged personality that doesn't need to be complemented, so think of something to distract yourself.

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    This is a really difficult period, because you're used to each other, and now it takes a little time to forget. When I broke up with my girlfriend, my friends helped me a lot. We often got together, smoked hemp flowers, hung out, watched movies, and so on. It helped me a lot, so I'm glad that your friend is coming soon and can distract you.

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    Just keep yourself busy,do not think of that useless friend again and again

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