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Thread: The Truth about Pay-to-Earn Gaming

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    The Truth about Pay-to-Earn Gaming

    Games like CryptoBlade and Axie Infinity are very profitable games to play, but I would argue not very fun games to play. Without the money making opportunities these games offer, they would not have anything going for them.

    As of right now, making a game Pay-to-Earn is a way to create hype for an otherwise shovelware game. But the hype works, which causes thousands of people to fomo into the game, raising the price of the game token. Which in the long run is only going to hurt the games industry. Because consumers are sending the market signal that they are not investing in the gameplay, they only care how profitable the game is. So the game developers don't even need to develop a game, they just need to invent a mechanism to funnel crypto to users using a game interface.

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    I recently bought some packs. I really hope it is more than just a hearthstone clone. I have yet to see any gameplay of it.

    Personally, I think Decentraland is going to be the game to watch. Since it will function as a platform it has the potential to give Ethereum a "Facebook Games" type platform. Will be interesting to watch, for sure.

    We are attempting to integrate cryptocurrency with our games. We are in stages of experimenting with different forms of micro-economies but currently what we're focusing on are games of skill with payouts for good performance and participation payouts in the less intricate games. Micro transactions and ad revenue are meant to fund the ERC20 token which is also the in-game currency for the game.

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    I think that at this moment the impression is created that game developers simply do not understand what advantages the technology of blocking gives. There are already some games today that are really worth playing. Here is the play2earn site where there is a selection of blockchain games worth paying attention to.

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