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Thread: How to Teach Nursery Rhymes to Your Child

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    How to Teach Nursery Rhymes to Your Child

    Are you finding it difficult to teach your child nursery rhymes? Do you think nursery rhyme CDs and DVDs can help in teaching nursery rhymes? How can one teach nursery rhyme to preschoolers in the best way?
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    Malti Shanker's Avatar Member
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    Nursery rhyme CDS and DVDS are really very helpful. They make learning nursery rhymes easier. I used to sing the rhymes to my 2.5 yrs old son but he wasn't much eager to learn. Then I bought the CDS and he was very happy watching and learning the rhymes. He used to dance along with singing the rhymes and I realized this was a much easier way of teaching. I also made a video of my son dancing and singing to nursery rhymes.

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    My kid is now 3 yrs old and he is very hyperactive. It is difficult for me to teach him anything as he never sits still. He is very fidgety. I always used o get complaints from his school that he is not learning anything and does not even know a single rhyme. As a curious parent, I brought some CDs of nursery rhymes and stories. To my amazement, he watched the rhymes intently and even started singing along with it. Now he knows many poems. He also knows many good stories with moral values. I would suggest every parent to make use of CDs. These are good not only for normal kids but great for hyperactive kids also as I discovered.

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    Very true...my 2 year old daughter enjoys music...she is very naughty . I find it really difficult to feed her..I normally play some dvd's while I feed her..she loves watching and has her food within no time..she also loves flipping thro books and flash cards..

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