Hope you all are keeping safe and healthy during these tough time of covid.

Myself a male here and i dont shy to tell that i am addicted towards adult breastfeeding. I feel adult breastfeeding is something different from what most think. For me abf is much more than a sexual desire. Its satisfies me not just physically but very deep inside my true self. In todays world abf is more of a taboo but i consider it to be a spiritually cleansing technique of our inner being.

I have had couple of abf session with ladies where i get to feel the exchanging of energies between us. With abf session of 1 hr and more i have been sucessful in getting few induced lactation. Its so amazing to feel the way nipples responds to the feeding.

Please dont judge me saying pervert and all. Its something which i have found very relaxing and giving possitive thoughts.

Would like to know if anyone here has come accross such feelings towards abf.