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Thread: Got some Ikea display cases - show and tell time

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    Got some Ikea display cases - show and tell time

    Hey there master modelers,

    I thought I would share some photos of some Ikea display cases I assembled. I have collected flight helmets over the years but never had a chance to formally display them nor have a good way to show off my models. The cases allowed me to do both.

    The cases at Ikea sell for $69.00 and they recommend one LED puck for lighting. If one is goodthen four would really do the trick - so I went with installing four LED lights in each case. It really makes a difference.

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    How I missed Ikea, now only order online

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    Have you ever used the site https://open4u.co.uk/branches/ikea.html ? If you are a busy person and want to save your time, then he will help you save your time for useful work. In general, there I see the opening hours of all the stores and my favorite ikea. Im a designer, Im there almost every day. This is very convenient, there I will plan my schedule for the day. It can and will come in handy for you

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