What happens in the body when you smoke a hookah?

If, while smoking cigarettes, it is precisely the effect of nicotine that has a greater harm on the health of the smoker, then when smoking a hookah, the detrimental effect of inhaled smoke comes first. As we noted earlier, hookah tobacco is very similar in composition to cigarette tobacco. It, of course, contains less resin, benzene, formaldehyde, and other toxic components. But this does not mean that hookah tobacco is safer. Why?

To answer this question, one has only to find out that a hookah lover consumes many times more smoke for one smoke than a cigarette smoker. A person smokes a cigarette for no more than five minutes, and during this time the body receives less harmful substances than the body of the smoker who inhales the aromatic smoke of a hookah for about an hour.

What exactly is a hookah bad for your health?

Experts have proved that for an hour of smoking a hookah a person consumes 100-200 times more harmful smoke than for the time of smoking one, even the strongest cigarette, which is why a hookah is no healthier than cigarettes, and even more dangerous with prolonged smoking. What else is a hookah harmful to health?