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Thread: My boyfriend hasn't introduced me to his friends

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    Red face My boyfriend hasn't introduced me to his friends

    My boyfriend is a very popular guy.He has 8 different groups he hangs out with. I used to be friends with him in one of his groups before we started dating. He was dating someone else when we were just friends. He never got his then girlfriend to hang out with us. Now the same thing is happening with me. We go on dates alone or on double dates with our mutual friends but he never invites me to hang out with his other groups. Even if he is going out of town with other girls and boys, he never invites me to come.

    He says that they are not close friends or anything, just hanging out types. SO whats the big deal in getting his girlfriend to hang out with them. Is he ashamed of me or something? I don't know what to think about this. Guys are just a different breed than girls right?

    Tell me what to do please.

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    If he is not letting you hang out with his friends it is something to be worried about. He might be possessive about you or may be his company is not very good. Going out of town with other girls is something to seriously analyse. Are these college trips or other trips. If these trips are any other trips than work or college trips then there is a lot of possibility that he is having some sexy and wild parties.

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    Bcoz he feels jealous... And if his friends anybody looks smart more than your boy friend? Or any friend be romantic more than him? I can't say... Personal matters contact

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