Keep your teeth healthy by eating green apple, how do you do it? Easy, thanks to its ability to stimulate saliva production and reduce the bacteria that accumulate in the mouth. If you consume it on an empty stomach you can avoid diseases such as cavities or gum infections, this because it will help you reduce the bacterial concentration.
The fiber and potassium contained in the green apple are essential in controlling high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, since potassium acts as an electrolyte that balances the humidity of the cells, thus supporting the normal functioning of the heart. On the other hand, pectin and polyphenols help increase lipid metabolism and reduce inflammatory molecules, which are often associated with cardiovascular relationships.

The dietary fiber in green apple makes this a great ally to regulate bowel movements and thus prevent constipation, even if at any time you suffer from diarrhea, inflammation and gas, eating an apple will help you remedy these discomforts. If one day, for reasons of fate, you abuse food and feel that you are dying of indigestion, eat a green apple to avoid it and help your body to have an adequate absorption of nutrients.