How to avoid scams when you buy a property
The decision to buy residential units is a fateful decision, especially as you will put a large amount of money to buy a property, whether for housing or investment.

Therefore, it is natural for the buyer to research, question and inquire extensively before taking this step.

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There has been a lot of fraud and fraud in recent times, especially in real estate sales.

Therefore, the buyer has to be more attentive and to secure all methods that guarantee his right and to protect himself.

For the buyer to check the condition of the property and see the property or see supporting documents before anything:

Often the buyer urges and agrees to buy a property that is still under construction or on the map that has not yet expired

This is something that some fraudulent companies could exploit and resort to falsifying others

Plans and pictures of houses and you sell them over and over to many people.

In the event that the real estate has not yet been constructed, you must ensure that the real estate papers are sound and correct information by asking in the relevant state institutions about that and matching the information provided to you for that property.

Not agreeing to pay any amount of money before making sure of all legal matters and the safety of the property

There are some companies that try to hurry the buyer to send a down payment or what is called a deposit to make

Therefore, we recommend that you verify all the legal papers before starting any step related to the payment of funds.

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Not to sign any contract between you and the seller before inspecting the property:

Because some companies make an immediate contract between them and the buyer to guarantee to him - according to their claim - that the property is for the buyer and there will be no other buyer,

But what happens in fact is that the seller, in the process of signing the contract, requests the buyer to pay an initial payment, and it is possible afterwards that he does not like the property.