Hello everyone,
My son will be 5 years this March. He is usually a very active kid but his speech is not up to the mark when compared to other kids of his age. I believe the reasons could be that we stay in US and we don’t have many kids around my house and he hasn’t been to play school much in his earlier years.
He understand what we talk, he has learned to memorize and write all the alphabets and numbers, can speak basic 1 line sentences but not more sentences in order to explain himself. Now he is attending his preschool classes online. This year we are planning to join him the kindergarten. As here in US, more emphasis will on expressing oneself when compared to academics.
Can someone suggest me on how can help my kid to talk more and encourage to express himself (like explain what he did in his school, whether did he something or his interaction with other kids, etc). So that I could at least get these basic information and understand what’s going around with my kid when we are not around. And also how can I encourage my kid to speak his mother tongue and not to be confused while learning both the languages.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!