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Thread: Macular degeneration The danger is closer than you think

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    Macular degeneration The danger is closer than you think

    Can't see clearly Distorted vision Or saw a black shadow covering the center of the picture If you have any of these symptoms, you should not be silent, as this could be a warning sign of macular degeneration. Should immediately come to an ophthalmologist for diagnosis and treatment before permanent vision loss.

    Macular degeneration As symptoms manifest differently for each patient, it may be difficult for the patient to recognize the abnormal vision. In the early stages of the disease Especially if symptoms occur on only one eye But in the case of degeneration with both eyes, the patient will experience rapid vision disorders such as blurred vision Or seeing distorted images, etc.For the cause of macular degeneration It is not clear how this happened. But it is believed that it may come from the degeneration of retinal cells. There is an accumulation of waste products from retinal cells. Thus causing more damage to the imaging cells And from the fact that this disease is often found in the elderly Therefore it is believed that part from the deterioration process of the body But macular degeneration may also be found in younger people. Which is often found in people with a family history of this disease
    There is currently no cure for this. Treatment will only prevent the disease from further spreading. To slow macular degeneration as possible There are various treatment methods such as drug injection into the vitreous, laser treatment, surgery, etc. Each treatment has both advantages and disadvantages. It depends on the response nature of the patient.

    Although the cause of the disease is not clear. It can come from factors such as age, heredity, hyperlipidemia, heart disease, smoking, which some risk factors cannot be addressed. Therefore, regularly to have an eye exam by an ophthalmologist will be the best prevention method. Once detected, it will be consulted and treated promptly.Read more information here >> slotxo

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