Something that has always bothered many parents inevitably cannot escape the sleeping problem of the baby. Crying all night long Or fell asleep for a moment and would not continue to sleep Make parents turn into pandas during the day. And an owl during the night For too long, it might have been a zombie. This is definitely not good.
The secret to your child to sleep Training your child to sleep for a long time. Because of the fact that the child sleeps well The family was also relaxed all night. Longer sleep is also beneficial for children's cognitive development and physical growth.

The child is sleeping long, the truth is like this

First of all, let's get to know the meaning of long sleep for babies. The term "long sleep" is common in medicine. The child sleeps for more than 6-8 hours. Begin to sleep on time, sleep soundly and wake up on time. Which is the goal of a good night's sleep

Train your child to sleep long How many months should you start?

By looking back at birth and growing up, children can begin to learn day and night after 1-2 months of age by gaining weight and eating well. Babies begin to sleep longer during the night, from 2-3 hours per cycle in the first 1-2 months to 3-6 hours per cycle at 3-4 months old.

During the first 2 months, if the child sleeps for more than 4 hours, the mother should wake her baby into breast or breastfeed. Otherwise, there will be a risk of "Low sugar" has

At about 3 months of age, we may begin to train babies to start sleeping for some time By taking to bed on time every day Day and night During the day, they sleep in 2 periods: late 9:00 AM-10.00 and noon 12: 00-13: 00, while at night, you should put your child to sleep from 7:00 PM.

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