Australian police arrest two Sydney residents after drug trafficking Hide medicine ice in canned coconut milk imported from Thailand.

The Australian Federal Police website said yesterday that two people had been arrested in western Sydney. And seized approximately 600 liters of liquid drug precursors hidden in coconut milk cans.

Earlier in August the past Air cargo with 86 cans of coconut milk arrived in Sydney from Thailand.

A member of the Australian Border Force (ABF) inspects the delivered cargo and finds any abnormalities. A can of liquid was tested from a can which yielded positive results for methamphetamine. This was sent to AFP and an investigation began.
On Wednesday evening (Sept. 9, 20), AFP officials took control of deliveries to a warehouse in the suburbs of Girraween.A 29-year-old woman and a 20-year-old had been arrested after accepting the consignment. By being charged with trying to possess controlled drugs That is illegally imported in commercial quantities, including methamphetamine. The maximum penalty for this offense is life imprisonment. Which is still in the process of considering the total weight of the drug But it is estimated that it is about 600 liters of liquid methamphetamine.

Which the Australian police are urgently investigating the source Expected to have a major drug trafficking process behind it. Because it is well planned

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