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Thread: 7 Ways To Get Rid Of Cramps During Pregnancy

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    7 Ways To Get Rid Of Cramps During Pregnancy

    Youve finally fallen asleep after trying to find a comfortable position for twenty minutes, when all of a sudden, your calf muscle contracts in a painful cramp. Now youre writhing around, clutching your sore leg, trying to get the muscle to relax. wuxiaworld

    Like morning sickness, cramps during pregnancy are one of those little problems you would happily do without. Unfortunately, cramps occur more frequently during pregnancy because of the hormonal changes that affect your circulation. While these painful episodes can keep you up at night and interrupt your day, they are not harmful and can easily be prevented. Here are seven ways to get rid of cramps during pregnancy that will have you resting easy all night long.
    1. Drink 8 Cups Of Water Every Day
    2. Stop Smoking For Your Health And Your Babys Health
    3. Talk To Your Doctor About Taking Extra Magnesium
    4. Stretch To Get Rid Of Cramps During Pregnancy
    cramps while expecting
    5. Elevate Your Legs While You Sleep
    6. Get Plenty Of Sleep
    7. Relax With A Gentle Massage

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