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Thread: What should a 6 month baby eat?

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    What should a 6 month baby eat?

    It is normal that the baby when he reaches his age should take supplements. New mothers will be worried. Because I don't know how to start Or what should your baby eat? Most of the time, children at this age are usually around 6 months old and for the good development of the baby. During this time, you need to give your baby milk. Along with starting to practice taking supplements as well Which if still do not know what to give the child to eat Do not think too much. Because today the jar of dot com has 6 months baby food, let's introduce these new mothers Let's see what the menu will have.
    1. Oatmeal + Breast Milk

    Mix oats with breast milk. Then steamed for about 5 minutes and then stir and grind the oatmeal to look like porridge. You can now serve it to your baby.

    2. Pumpkin + Breast Milk

    Take the pumpkin and peel it off. Wash thoroughly and cut into small pieces, then steam for about 10 minutes and then mix thoroughly with breast milk. Now, you will get one more delicious menu for your child ^^

    3. Namwa banana + brown rice + breast milk

    The banana is cut into pieces and blended with ripe brown rice. By adding a little boiled water Finished, mix it with human breast milk well, and this is done.

    4. Carrot + Breast Milk

    Peel the carrots, wash them thoroughly, then cut them into small pieces, steam them for 5-10 minutes and then mash them thoroughly with breast milk. Will get one more colorful dish

    5. Apple + Breast Milk

    Peel the apples and wash them thoroughly. Cut into small pieces and steam for about 10 minutes, then mashed with breast milk thoroughly. In addition to this menu is fragrant and appetizing. Also helps the baby to excrete well as well

    Read more information. Love the child, must take care of the child >>slotxo

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