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Thread: Examine the pregnancy and found 2 faint marks, why?

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    Examine the pregnancy and found 2 faint marks, why?

    Nowadays, if any young girl is wondering if she is going to have a younger sister Probably no longer have to go to the hospital to see the doctor to check the symptoms. Because now he has a pregnancy test that is easy to find at most pharmacies. Help make life comfortable Much less worrying about the time and expense of having to see a doctor. The pregnancy test that this use is enough urine and rods. There are methods of dipping the test rod into the urine cup, urine flow through the rod. Or use a drip of urine onto the pregnancy test It depends on the convenience of women to buy a pregnancy test stick.

    And when doing a thorough examination procedure It's time to sit and wait to see how many colored lines will appear to see with the eyes. If there is only 1 line appearing, it means that no pregnancy has occurred. As for those who have been examined, there are 2 marks up clearly Then prepare to arrange a party to accept babies that are ready to be born But even so, the purchase of the equipment for self inspection will always have errors that can happen at any time as well. Which is often seen as a pregnancy examination and found two faint marks, causing some people to show in the wrong mood that they should be happy to conceive or not. And so that the girls who are facing this problem have disappeared into suspicion

    1. Examine the pregnancy and found 2 faint marks may have a chance to conceive.

    If the pregnancy is examined and found 2 matches, women have a chance to get pregnant. But what can be seen as a faint mark may be because during the early stages of pregnancy, the hormone HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) associated with pregnancy is still very little. When urine comes out, there is little hormone as well. Causing the dashes appearing on the bar to fade as seen Not only this The timing of the examination is equally important. Which the pregnancy examination should be examined in the morning to be the most accurate In addition, if the pregnancy test is done after drinking too much water, the urine that will be tested will be diluted. The hormones that come out will be less as well. The result is two dashes that are so pale that they are almost invisible. However, if you want to know the exact test results, it is recommended that another 7 days should be another pregnancy test is best.

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