How to take care of your hair? How to make them an example of health, style and chic?

Ah, those women. What do they do to make their hair look so good, thick, lush and shiny with freshness? Such thoughts are in the mind of many a guy. They are all the more intense and intrusive when, despite many hours spent in front of the mirror, the hair seems to live its own life, regardless of these care attempts. Do you also have such problems and wonder what are you doing wrong? Want to fix it, but don't know how? Read on and I'll try to help you!

The legendary male baldness is unfortunately a fact, not a whim or a marketing message encouraging men to buy fantastic, stopping this sad process, specifics. Just walk around the city to compare women's and men's hair. The former is usually rich, delightful with great condition, while the latter, on the contrary - clinging to the head, like an accessory that would not be noticed by anyone. It is not surprising then that many gentlemen - instead of thinking about these inconveniences - take matters into their own hands, cutting themselves in a buzz cut style, which I wrote about in one of the articles (you can find it here ). Of course, this type of hairstyle is chosen for many other reasons, not only related to baldness!