If talking about orderliness and social responsibility Believe that the joker123 country that many people think of is the top Is Japan Yes, today we have 3 interesting techniques for parents who want to be organized and responsible for their children. Let me say that it is a technique that is picked up from the typical Japanese family.

According to the study of anthropologist Dwayne Dixon From Duke University The reason why Japanese children are responsible since childhood Compared to children In the West, which is very different Which can be divided into 3 interesting techniques as follows: Japanese parents allow their children to have freedom
When the child is 2 years old, Japanese parents begin to let their children help themselves according to their aptitude and ability. But the parents will keep watching closely such as wearing clothes themselves Scoop on their own rice, brush their teeth and praise will be given when the children are doing well By complimenting the sentences that children feel good by themselves, such as "Are you good, do you alone?" Etc. However, Japanese parents will not let children do anything beyond the ability of the child. Because it may cause pressure on both parents and children