In this era, lovers tend to choose to organize weddings. joker123 An auspicious engagement ceremony is more convenient than having to go see it with the Buddha. Or Shin Saen horoscope, then set auspicious day for lovers who are about to get married And of course, you have to face problems that must be debated with your elders, because many homes still want to uphold the auspicious tradition. Auspiciously married But sometimes auspicious time to marry Or the engagement day, it is not suitable for weddings Not suitable for inviting friends

The auspicious time has been seen since ancient times according to the traditional beliefs of Thai people. Belief in auspicious auspiciousness, auspiciousness and engagement depends on the faith and fortune of both the giver and the receiver. And after getting married, will enter the next wedding preparations Auspicious wedding day can make a auspicious day convenient. By finding auspicious days from auspicious days According to the calendar, each year there is a auspicious time suitable for various auspicious ceremonies. Already scheduled

For any couples who have plans to get married in 2020, either at the beginning of the year or at the end of the year or to arrange an engagement but have not yet seen the auspicious wedding