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Thread: Why Children Lie?

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    Why Children Lie?

    Does your child lie? What are the common causes for the development of habit of lying children? How can parents control the habit of lying in children?
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    My daughter is 7 yrs old and she lies all the time. If i ask her if she has got homework from school, she instantly replies 'no'. She has become careless also. she lies if she gets poor marks from school. I tried to explain her that telling lies is a bad habit but she does not listen. Even for smaller things, she does not hesitate to tell lie. What can i do?

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    Small kids do lie but they are innocent lies. My son also lies like he has a habit of stealing things from his friends in school. Everyday he comes home with a new thing like rubbers, pencils or some sort of toys. When I ask him how he got it, he says his friend has gifted him. Earlier I used to believe him but now I know that he is lying. I have explained him to him about stealing and lying, and now he has stopped this habit.

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    Children learn to tell lies from surroundings. Many times we the parents are to be blamed when we unknowingly tell lies when we want to avoid someone. This is the first step to lying. So I feel we should be a role model to our kids and never lie in front of them. A talk can help solve and sort out the problem. Yelling, punishing gives a negative effect which will only put the child's feeling in a shell. If your kid is small, then tell him the negativity of lying through a story.

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    I agree with Palak

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    Agree with Palak

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    Hi, almost all of the children lie to their parents at least once in their life. Saying a lie is the most common traits seen in children and it also becomes a behaviour for some children. It is important to know the reason behind their lying and also to teach them honesty is the best policy. They should know the importance of telling truth and we as parents should teach them. Children mostly lie to avoid being punished or blames for something. They learn this lying skills very easily and it should be stopped by us once we know the reason behind it.

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    Today the fact is that majority of the children lie and hide things from parents. One of my friend’s son had a very bad habit of lying and had a habit of lying quite often. She tried to find out the reason behind his lying and got to know that he did not get what he wanted and what his friends had so he lied so that he could get those things. But there are also children who do not lie more frequently, but very rarely. Children who lie consistently are sure to not feel good about themselves. This problem should be solved and sorted out if the matter gets serious.

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    There have been various reasons for the kids to lie. The biggest reason being the fear of being punished. Children do mistakes and are scared that they might be punished once the truth is out so they lie to be saved from the punishment. The fear of being scolded or hit by parents or teachers make them lie. There are some children who lie for others. I have seen children lying to save their friends, the reason being peer pressure. Children feel that saying the truth is boring and try to make excuses which are imaginative.

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    Some children seem to have a habit of lying as their parents believe what they are saying and they think that lying is right thing to do. The reason being self-protection and to protect themselves they lie. As a parent it is our responsibility that our child is not scared and is honest enough to accept the truth. Such environment should be created which make your child feel safe and secure. He should feel trusted that when he wants to lie he won’t be able to. It is important that you don’t blame your child for lying and do not snap at him, talking calmly will help you tackle the situation easily.

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    Hello, children are innocent minds and don’t really think too deep before lying. Children sometimes do such things which make them feel humiliated, embarrassed or guilty and hence they think that lying might save them from that humiliation in front of others. We should talk to our child and take him under confidence that it is okay to tell the truth and lying is not a good habit. We should support them and try to avoid punishing and scolding as it can hamper their confidence. Encourage him to tell the truth and boost his confidence so that he realises that saying a lie is not good.

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