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Thread: Cold, cough & wheez from the time my kid joined school

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    Cold, cough & wheez from the time my kid joined school

    Dear all,

    My kid has this problem of cold and cough right from the time she joined school. Earlier she was a healthy baby without any problem but now every one or the other day she is down with some problem. 20 days back she was suffering so much with bronchitis and now again she got the same problem. I don't know how to avoid this dreadful thing. Being a mother i am unable to see her coughing so hard and heavy breathing. We a running after doctors but no use. I even stared home remedies which helped me to some extent. Please pour in your inputs about bronchitis allergy in kids, its treatments or home remedies.


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    I had the same problem. My kid was healthy but when she started school, she had frequent cough, cold and fever. My doctor said that this is normal as kids have weak immune system. I was quite worried and could not bear to see my child suffering. My mother then advised me to give her chyavanprash so as to make the immune system stronger. Now she has been taking chyavanprash daily and its been a year and a half. Her cold and cough problems have been reduced. So I would suggest the same to you.

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    thank u for ur valuable input. i will definitely try chyavanaprash. can you pls tell me the name of the chavanprash and where is it available. thanks once again.
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    I agree small kids are quite vulnerable to common infections. In schools or crowded places, they are more likely to catch cold and cough. Do not worry, gradually your kid will be able to build immunity. It will take some time. Meanwhile you should give yr kid healthy foods.

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    I completely agree. Chyavanprash is really good for babies and it does help to increase the immunity. I have tried this for my baby. When he was small he always had wheezing cough and cold, my doctor told me he has asthma. I was quite worried. I just could not think my kid having asthma from such a young age. On insistence of my friend I started giving him chyavanprash made for kids. It was a Kolkatta product and I found it to be very beneficial.

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    Hi, I totally understand what you are trying to say as I have been through what you are going through right now. In school there are several kids who have cold, who are sneezing, coughing and what not. Children sit together, play together and even eat together and hence it is obvious that they are going to catch infection from their sick friend. After few days you might find that your healthy child is sneezing and coughing. Usually if your child gets cold it can last for 7 to 14 days maximum. By using some over the counter medicines like crocin, aspirin according to the age which can help them get rid of the cold and cough.

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    There are some children who have a lower immune system and tend to catch infections easily. It is our due as parents to check whether our children follow the basic hygiene rules. Runny noses are quite commonly seen in children but that also means that you child needs to increase the intake of fluids in his body. He needs to be hydrated so that he does not feel lousy and dehydrated. To increase the immune system feed your child with healthy food and also have a balanced diet for them. Once they start eating healthy and receiving all the nutrients required by their body, their immunity system will be strong which can help fight the infections.

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    Hi, you can get rid of the coughing of your chid by giving him some home remedies. Coughing can be prevented when you feed your child honey. The amount to be given depends on the age. If your child is two to five years old then you can give him half a teaspoon of honey morning and night, if your child is six to eleven years old you can give him one teaspoon of honey and above eleven years old children can have two teaspoons of honey in the morning and night. Honey is a natural remedy and helps to soften the throat which becomes sensitive by coughing.

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    Hi, applying vicks and other vapour rub on the back and chest of your child can be really beneficial. I apply vicks to my child whenever he feels like cold, cough. You can also apply it on their nose, chest, back and throat and then give them a proper blanket to cover themselves so that the heat remains intact. By morning my children are fresh and active. I also make sure that I feed my child one tablespoon of chyavanprash every day. Chyavanprash is not only healthy but also provides with help in increase of the immunity system as it contains a lot of different herbs and nutrients which are required by the body.

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