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Thread: My girlfriend is still friends with her ex

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    Exclamation My girlfriend is still friends with her ex

    My girlfriend is still good friends with her ex boyfriend and I am feeling very insecure about them. I keep thinking that he is telling her bad things about me and trying to steal her away. After all she broke up with him, but he still wanted her. She says that they are just friends and I dont have to worry about anything, but she has a lot of friends. Why cant she give up ONE friend for ME? Dont you think that as her boyfriend I have the right to ask her for that? Someone please suggest something to me....

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    From your post I have the impression that your girlfriend has come close to you only because her ex was not ready to commit. Believe me you would not want to be with her if she has already been involved with someone. She says she is only friends with him. She is lying. She is still attracted to him and might have a physical relation with him even if she marries someone else.Remember he is her first love. Women never forget that.

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