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Thread: 5 Games that Can Help to Boost Your Child’s Memory

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    5 Games that Can Help to Boost Your Child’s Memory

    Why is it necessary to encourage kids to do activities that aid brain development? What are the ways to boost memory of kids? Can playing games help to boost memory of children?
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    Hi, it is said that playing indoor games can boost the memory of the child and also help in increasing his skills and it is absolutely true. My child also played several games indoor with me and the family and got to learn various things and also became sharper. These games help in sharpening the memory as the memory power is used to function in day to day life and then I find it extremely important to play indoor games. When these games improve their memory they will be able to also perform better in future in their professional and personal life.

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    All the parents feel that their child should be smart and intelligent. They try every possible thing to improve their memory and other things but they sometimes forget to use these easy trick like the indoor games which might help the child to improve his memory and skills. These games will surely benefit your child and boost his memory power to a certain extent. You can make your child play name, place, animal, thing this game is majorly played in schools by the kids. This game is excellent to sharpen the memory as it is interesting and informative as well.

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    I agree name, place, animal, thing is a lovely game where children can create four columns and one person chooses a random alphabet and everybody has to write down a name, place, animal and thing starting from that alphabet. This game clearly based on the power of memory is extremely beneficial. The child can learn new places, names, animals and things and this game will also make him think deeper to improve his memory and thinking skills. This will also help in developing their vocabulary and they can also learn different spellings. Overall I highly recommend this game to every parent for their children.

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    Hello, I would like to suggest the game of chess to the parents which is considered to be the best possible indoor game. This game ensures that the thinking capability of the child is boosted and the child tends to be smarter. This game is considered to be very challenging and every move in this game has to be thought of and this ensures that there is a boost of memory in the children. This also a very educative game and you can play it along with your friends and also teach them how to play. This game can also help in increasing the concentration and focusing skills which will help him in the future.

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    Hi I would like to recommend to you the game of Uno. This is a card game where two or more players can play together. In this game the entire family can play and enjoy together. You can play this game with your children according to their age and the maturity level. If your children are too young then you can use the cartoon characters cards and if your children are a bit older than you can use the normal original cards for them with words. This game can help in increasing the patience in the children and also increase their concentration.

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    I would like to suggest that you play Bingo with your children as it is extremely fun game. You can notice every school going kid playing this game when you check his books. There are various versions of bingo available in the shop as well which use shapes and colours not letters and numbers. You can play it in a group with your entire family or just you two. This game is based on memorising and identifying different shapes, letters, objects and words. You can choose any version to play with your child, it is going to benefit him ultimately. It will help increase the memory power of the child and develop his listening skills.

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    Hi, you can also play a different game like dominoes which is especially for the pre-schoolers. This game is available in animal pictures or in cartoon characters for the younger kids and for the older kids it is in the classic tile shape. This game can be played with the entire family or even two people can play it. This is a really fun game where the people playing are supposed to memorise the objects and numbers. This increases their memory and also enhances the ability to spot different patterns. This game can help in developing strategy building skills and also sharpens their memory.

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    The simplest possible came which the kids can play is snake and ladder. This is a very popular game available in every corner of India. This game has a lot of benefits for the children. This game can be played with two or more people and is really fun to play. This game is played with a dice and each player has his own coloured triangle placed on the sheet. When the dice is thrown then the number which comes the player has to move forward and if he gets a ladder he can go up or if he is swallowed by a snake he has to come down. This helps in children to increase their counting skills and also boosting their memory.

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    Every parent should make an effort to help their kids in boosting their memory. Playing memory games is the best way in sharping their memory power. Games such as Concentration in which they have to pair same cards. It can be single or multiple. Same colours cards can also be matched in that game. Other game is missing items game, in which few items are to be placed in the tray and shown to the kid just for few seconds and then he has to recollect and write down the list of items in the tray.

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    Boosting child's memory is a must. Because this is their growing stage of life where they develop mentally as well as physically. For boosting memory games can be a great help. Games such as memory master quizzes in which the child has to stare at a picture for few seconds and after that he has to note down whatever he remembers. May be few questions will be there based on that picture which he has to answer. This will help to boost the memory of the child and also his concentration level.

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    Today having a sharp memory is a must for every child. Not only for academic purpose but also for other activities in life having a good memory is a must. Having a good memory enhances other skills too such as reading skills, listening skills, concentration etc. One the very common game played worldwide is chess. Playing chess will definitely help the child's mental growth because chess needs to be played using your mind and concentration.

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    Every child should have good memory which can be enhanced by playing games. One such interesting game is a trip to memory market. When you go to the market for buying different grocery items when you come back narrate this to your child and then after 2 mins ask him to tell you the list which he remembers. This game can be played on daily basis with your child. This is a very interesting and also helpfully way for boosting your child's memory.

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    A child's mental growth is equally important with his physical growth. Having good concentration, sharp memory is a must for every kid. Enhancing this in a playful way is a good idea. A head for numbers is a amazing game. This game is played in a group. The first person says a number then the second person will repeat the first person's number and will say his new number. Then the third person has to repeat the numbers and say his new number and so on.

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    Having a good memory is very important. It will help you in every stage of your life. Developing and enhancing this in early ages is a must. Playing games is a very useful way of doing this. Tell your child number of forbidden words. Then narrate him a story that contains various forbidden words told to him and then he has to point out the forbidden words as soon as he listens to it.

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    Motivation plays a very important role in any individuals life motivation helps an individual to scale new heights and achieve that what seems impossible,kids in particular are motivation driven and parents are major source of motivation for kids they should lot of confidence in there child and should not make them feel less confident.Games like chess,brain vita etc help to improve brain

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    eating right food that is nutritive food like almonds,akrut and other dry fruits helps toi boost your brain and also eat lot raw vegetables like carrot,cabbage.I particularly insisted raw vegetables because when you cook more than 50 percent of nutrients are lost.Having a ctive lifestyle also helps brain development of a child,this is how you can improve your brain by providing it with enough nutrients apart from this also do meditation,,apart from this 2 reasons the environment also plays a major role

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    eating right food that is nutritive food like almonds,akrut and other dry fruits helps toi boost your brain and also eat lot raw vegetables like carrot,cabbage.I particularly insisted raw vegetables because when you cook more than 50 percent of nutrients are lost.Having a ctive lifestyle also helps brain development of a child

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    it is very important for kids to be active in order to develop there brains because when a kid is active he encounters lot of things and automatically uses his brain to analyse these things and apart from just having a active lifestyle i also feel that proper nutrition also plays important role

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    parents should make them participate in various games as this can boost their brain.alomond and akrurt should be given to increase the nutrition level in the kid.children should play chess and puzzle to make their mind sharp.

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