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Thread: Building Learning Environment at Home for Kids

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    Building Learning Environment at Home for Kids

    How to build learning environment for kids? Why is it necessary to build learning environment for kids? How does right learning environment aid in brain development of kids?
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    Hi, as parents it is necessary that there is a good learning environment available for the child at home. A good environment at home can help the child do well in his academics and perform better. The brain development in the child can also be better when the child has good studying environment at home itself. It is your job to create a healthy environment around the children and make sure they are comfortable in it. Nurturing our kids in the proper way is more important than anything else as what we teach him that time will remain with him for a lifetime.

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    Hello, along with telling and nurturing your kids with positive things it is also important that the children have an equally positive environment for learning those things. There are several way by which you can create a healthy and positive environment for your child to learn at home. The most important thing is that you be the role model of your child, when you have good habits, the children will learn good habits. Instead of watching daily soaps and unnecessary channels on the TV in front of your children try to watch something educational which will help both you and the child.

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    Visiting the library when your child is young can develop very good habits for him like reading, wanting to learn something new, reading skills, learning skills, ability to understand things better. Bring several books for your child to read so that he can explore new things and learn new things and when he is exposed to such knowledge at home, there is no doubt he will be smarter in school. Also visiting museums, historical places and botanical gardens can help increase knowledge and is a best thing to do for learning something new. Learning things with example can be more fun for the children as well.

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    Hi, we parents can utilize several opportunities in our day to day life in teaching our children. The activities which we do every day can also help the child to learn several different things every day. Visiting the grocery store simply can provide valuable learning opportunities as well and also kids can learn counting, alphabets, compare prices, learn how to add number and also differentiate between two labels and products. Teach kids new names everyday so that they remember it also teach them the meaning of the words, but make sure that the words are simple and used in their day to day life.

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    When kids are young they quickly pick up new words and also remember them for a long time. It is necessary that parents build a strong bond in learning and communicating from a young age so that the child is smart enough. Send your children out to play rather than playing video games and on laptops. Physical activities are much better and preferred than watching TV. Children love building blocks, colouring books, painting and solving puzzles which are extremely beneficial for the growing children’s development. All this can help in developing creativity in kids and also make their brain sharper.

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    Hi, it is important that children go out of the house and have some physical activities. Regular playing and involving children in activities like running, jumping, climbing and jumping can help the child be active. Engaging children in activities like toys, balls, jumping ropes are extremely beneficial for them and suitable for them to do. Teach them new games like hide and seek, treasure hunt, langdi, land and water and many such interesting games which will increase the curiosity of child. Some strong aides of discovery play are little water table and sand box can be very interesting for the children to play.

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    I agree with the above comment and it is necessary that children get involved in physical activities to improve their health and thinking. You can also involve your children in activities like football, cricket, basketball, swimming, karate and many more activities which can help children learn new activities, socialise, increase the capability of learning new things and skills. Also during these physical games like skating, cycling and tennis and other games can help in boosting the imagination of the children and also increase the physical stamina and strength of the child. So it is necessary that you boost and motivate your children to participate in such physical activities.

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    According to me having a proper meal plan for your children is equally important to the physical in which he is involved. A well balanced meal is extremely important for the children’s development during their growth years. The brain should receive all the necessary nutrients which are required for the development and growth of the body. Food rich in antioxidant and omega 3 fatty acids and complex carbohydrates should be served for the child as they are extremely beneficial for them. Giving them lots of fruits and vegetables to eat daily in their meals. Also giving dried fruits and pulses, cereal, oats all these things are quite healthy to eat.

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    i strongly feel proper meal plan for your children is equally important .it is extremely important for the children’s to have a balanced diet for development during their growth years. The brain should receive necessary nutrients which are required for proepr development and growth of the body. Food which are rich in antioxidant and omega 3 fatty acids should be served for the child

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    there should be a positive environment in the house as this gets positive effect on the child.we should give them books for reading and newspapers as this makes them to know about the various things about the world.this also makes their mind clever.

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