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    Hi.. I m 24.. virgin.. I gt a offer from a 56 yr old man to sleep with him.. he intents to satisfy me sexually.. I am confused.. should i accept the offer or nt.. he has a daughter of my age..

    Also plz tell me why its a taboo in india not to hv sex before marriage...??

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    Still acive this thread

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    By now you must have found the answer by real experience.

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    The most normal dating site https://japanese-women.net/japanese-brides/ where I was. A bunch of profiles, there are plenty to choose from. I like that there is good search filtering. Whoever wants to find is wearing it. In the questionnaire, you can specify your preferences. Well, I do not like blondes. So he wrote so that he does not waste time in vain. One madame began to insult me. One complaint to the moderator is ban. Some people think that there is one vulgarity. But so narrow-minded people with old views on such portals think so.

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    Hello there. I was scanning for a Korean youngster korean bride for a long time. I would especially like such a life partner, I couldn't find regions where you can take off to meet or visit by correspondence. By then a partner unveiled to me that there are specific goals where you can find a Korean mate with whom you can talk. I did in that capacity and have been hitched for longer than a year now

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