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    Well I am a 24 year virgin girl with vital stats of 30-28-34.. yet men are falling and craving to sleep with me.. I got a offer from a 56 yr old gentleman who is ready to fuck me..

    My question is
    1. Wats wrong in loosing virginity before marriage.?
    2. Can I enjoy wid this older guy..?? Is it correct

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    if u feel u will get that passion pleasure satisfaction with him then go but remember as he is old he will lack many things and will not match to ur level and u will find boys of ur age for that
    now for the first question me to elaborate as in india giving verginity to ur husband is a gift as what indian mantality is in most of the cases
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    hi aanya if u do sleep with that old gentle man do u think he will not ask u to sleep with him again and u think it will be good enough if u really want fuck then marry a good guy he will fuck u when ever u want

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    Arrow hi

    will u let me know what decision u come to

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    Hey guys.. I did lose my virginity to someone of my age.. not to my boss.. now we have sex quite often.. :-)

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    nice..congrats..on such a highly electrifying decision taken by you...

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    its ur wish always.. becoz its ur asset. ;-)

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    Hi Aanya,

    It is your choice. To answer your questions:
    1. Wats wrong in loosing virginity before marriage? If your husband is a virgin and expects wife to be one, there can be problems.
    2. Can I enjoy wid this older guy..?? Is it correct. Once you decide to have fun, old or young should not matter. Generally older guy will have experience and the younger guy will have vigor.

    It is an year old query now. How are things?

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    for loosing virginity before marriage is not good

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