The best alternative to Google Play
Aptoide is an alternative app store. You don't need to register, and your nearly 300,000 apps are installed and updated in seconds. And with the interesting Rollback function, you can go back to using the old versions of your favorite apps.

Hundreds of thousands of apps

More than a store, Aptoide is the store of the stores. Any user can create their own app store from previously determined categories. You'll find everything from specific stores for certain brands and mobile models to independent game stores and wallpapers.

Applications are downloaded and installed directly from Aptoide, which is also responsible for updating them. If after an update you are not satisfied with an app, you can go back (rollback) to return to an earlier version or simply uninstall it. You won't have to go through Google Play at any time.

Aptoide even has a page for adult content apps. Its visibility is controlled from the configuration options. There is no Parental Controls or multiple users. And since it is not mandatory to have an account, Aptoide has no security measures or content control.

As easy to use as the official store

Aptoide instalar makes the task of downloading and managing applications into something very simple. The download speed is quite similar to that of Google Play, and the management of old versions through rollback is intuitive.

The content, on the other hand, is generic and of poor quality. The available comments are copied from Google Play or written in a hurried manner, and it's hard to know which apps are reliable (Aptoide just puts a green mark on some official programs).

For many, but not for all

If what you're looking for is downloading apps without going through Google Play or if what you need is an app store on a mobile phone that doesn't have Google Play, Aptoide is a good solution for both its quality and the number of options included. What disappoints is the quality of the content: as on Google Play, it's hard to tell the difference between good apps and bad ones.