While it comes to feeding the babies, mommies become more creative. Growing babies need more nutritious foods for their healthy development. Introducing solids in the adventurous and exciting milestone.
Feed your babies with solid foods at the right time. Once you introduced solid foods to the babies try to follow the concept of “Feeding the Rainbow”. And it is also important to breastfeed the baby for one year. At stage two (above 6 months) babies able to identify different colours and objects. To make their meal more interesting mothers can feed their babies with different coloured fruits and vegetable in a form of puree or thinly sliced or small chunks according to the baby's age. It is better to introduce a single fruit or veggie puree in the beginning.

To make their mealtime a fun time. Offer the babies with the fruits and vegetables of the colour of the rainbow. Fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrition which are essential for the healthy growth of the babies. Apply the colour of fruit or vegetable to each meal like red fruits at breakfast, green veggies at lunch, purple fruits at dinner.
Make your baby a healthy eater rather than a picky eater. Healthy eating habits benefit the babies. Proper nutrition is needed for babies' healthy growth and proper development.