It takes only 12 short months for the newborn to the incredible transformation of an active toddler. The growth of the babies is at an astounding phase. We can see the changes and development in every month. new moms and dads should take proper care of the baby's health as they have a very delicate system. A proper diet and healthy food are needed for the growth and development of the baby.
So it's better to know the different stages of the baby's growth and introduced appropriate food at each stage. During the first three months, the baby's body and brain try to adapt to the outer world. He/she may bring hands to their mouths, will raise their head and chest on her tummy. This is the first stage of the babies growth. Many pediatrician suggest breastfeeding the baby until they are one year old. For the first 6 months, the mother must feed their babies with only breastmilk or other formulas.
The next stage is 4-6 months at this stage the babies try to roll over from front to back or another way, making a sound like a real language, laughs, have head control and sit up with support. Continue with breastmilk till 6months. And as a complementing food try to feed them with single fruit and vegetable purees.
During the second half of the year(6-9months), the little one sits without support, start to crawl, and respond to some words, clap and try to stand. This is the right time to introduce your little ones with solid foods. Well cooked and pureed fruits and vegetables, powdered or grounded single grains are the best healthy foods to start with.
During the last three months of the development stage, the baby starts to eat on their own, takes their first steps, try to get your attention. This is the stage where babies need more nutrients for rapid and healthy growth. Feed them with small chunks or finger foods, easy to chew and shredded meats. Healthy eating habits are essential for growing babies.