For all new moms welcome to the wonderful world of baby foods. Is your little one is nearing 6 months, it the best time to introduce them with solid foods. It's better to start with purees. Make sure your baby's getting a good variety of taste and flavors and make the babies first bite delicious and not boring.
Purees are the best foods to start with the baby. The consistency of the puree must be thin and smooth texture and without any lumps or fruit or vegetable chunks. Purees are excellent foods for babies at this stage. Fruits and vegetable purees are loaded with nutrients and vitamins and also they are easily digestible for the baby delicate system.
Initially start with a single fruit or vegetable puree and gradually increase the combinations of purees as you may have plenty of ideas for your blending. The best purees to start with are apple puree, carrot puree, sweet potato puree, avocado purees, pear puree, mashed bananas, muskmelon puree, butternut squash, etc.

Then try out the combination of purees like two fruit and one vegetable. Try to infuse different tastes and flavors in the baby food. Start with purees like apple+manoge puree, apple+pear purees, broccoli+sweet potato puree, sweet potato+apple+pear puree, spinash+sweet potato puree, etc are the best combination of purees to feed your babies. Feed your babies with nutritional food for proper growth and sound health.