As babies grow they need a lot of nutrition for healthy growth and proper physical and mental development. Forming a healthy eating habit is the topmost concern for the parents amongst other issues. During the first half of the baby's growth, breastmilk is the main and essential source of nutrition.
After the first half of the year, a baby's growth will be in a fast phase during the 6-12 months. It is important to feed babies with essential nutrients for healthy growth and development. Start feeding solids during this stage along with regular breastfeeding. Fruits are the champion item in the baby's food. It's better to start with fruit purees as the baby's first solid food.
Fruits can be easily incorporated into the baby's daily diet and it also benefits their overall health development. The five best fruits for babies diet are
Citrus fruits (organs, grapefruit)
These fruits are rich in minerals and nutrients which are essential for the healthy growth in babies. Mommies can prepare a different combination of purees using these goodies.