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Thread: 3 techniques to train smart children before the age of three

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    3 techniques to train smart children before the age of three

    Want the child to be smart and good brain If there is a good technique Half triumphed Mothers know that creating is not difficult at all, just the mother will need a little technique. Beginning when the child is still in the age of 3 years before age, to help stimulate various skills needed Enhance the development of the little ones to grow as they are. Which will have any techniques, have to go and see

    1. How to play for children to practice remember
    Mothers know, baby can recognize the face of a parent since she was a full year baby and gradually memorize items, names or vocabulary and some short sentences. Educational institutions in the future as well. Therefore, it should encourage memory for babies at all times Which can create a 3 year old child development by inviting gimmicks In things that will stimulate the memory of children well enough, such as playing a guessing game in a picnic basket. By opening the ball to see what it is for the child to remember Then close the basket And have children tell what is in the basket Or play a picture matching game In this game, the mother will overturn the image. Let the children open one by one and match the same images. Might seem a little difficult But if you can do it means that you have the best memory skills

    2. Children can communicate quickly, simply invite to chat.
    Want children to communicate well Have good child development both in conversation and expression It's not difficult to do at all. Just mothers often talk to children only because the child will learn the words from the parent. And also creating love Good relationships between families as well In addition, there are activities that will enhance the communication skills of the baby. Which includes telling stories to children Inviting children to sing And inviting children to memorize words daily. Nowadays, many families are beginning to focus on raising children in two languages ​​at the age of 2-6 years. Did you know that Some children are able to learn 7 languages ​​at the same time! The faster the parents start, the better.

    3. Wearing the role of Mother Sai Art, fun playing, awakening ideas for children
    You will have advanced imagination and creativity. Developing a 3 year old child by simply stimulating with simple toys Around only such as playing role-playing toys Like playing to cook Playing as a doctor, for example, which in addition to helping to strengthen the imagination of children well It also helps your child to find your self faster. In addition to drawing and painting Can stimulate the imagination of the little ones as well In which he will convey his imagination through drawings and coloring See that just a simple toy Can enhance the child's imagination skills is not difficult. Try to do and the mother will be surprised when the child starts to imagine And solve some problems by yourself
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