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Thread: Working as a caregiver?

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    Working as a caregiver?

    Good day! I have a good experience of communicating with young children and a teacher's education. Now I am 54 years old and I want to try myself as a caregiver. What requirements do modern employers have for caregivers? I'm worried about the interview, which I will have in three days.

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    This is a great idea. You will be able to choose two ways ( child care and elderly care). I think that you will be asked about your past work, about yourself, about your life values and goals. Just be yourself and you will get this job without any problems.

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    You have three days to prepare! I found an article that describes the entire process of passing the caregiver job interview. I hope that this will help you pass the interview and get your job. I think that the info on the site is enough, and you can always practice an online interview with a robot named mr simon.

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    The best sort of communication is a written one. This is why teachers give kids so many essays. However sometimes it is hard to cope without because the number of these essays exceeds all possible limits. So it is better to be imperfect, but alive.

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