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Thread: Allow Your Child to Pursue Alternative Careers

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    Allow Your Child to Pursue Alternative Careers

    What are the benefits of pursuing alternative careers? Which are the most popular alternative career options? Are there any disadvantages of choosing alternative careers?
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    It's a good question. First of all, I and my husband asked our daughter who she wants to become, based on her interests and talents, grades. Of course, the answer was that she wants to become a blogger. And more happily, she is interested in social media promotion as well. Oooh, these teenagers. We tend to listen to her opinion and decisions, but also we try to suggest when we can do it. Therefore, we offered her to make a try, while there is still an opportunity to choose something else. Well, Blogging failed. But SMM promotion is easy for her and Becka even earns her pocket money by working for services like this one which offer views for videos on YouTube. We'll see what happens next. We don't want to insist, especially since social networks, for example, YouTube, are gaining more and more video views, popularity and stability.
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