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Thread: Easy-to-Cook Kid Friendly Recipes

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    Easy-to-Cook Kid Friendly Recipes

    How can parents make kids have their meals happily? How to make simple meals interesting for kids? How to prepare nutritious yet kid friendly meals?
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    Healthy eating is the key to a healthy and fit body. Very seldom, do kids eat healthy meals happily. Making a child eat what is best for him is definitely a grueling exercise. When parents themselves have healthy habits, then kids are bound to follow them. Keeping out junk foods and having healthy foods at hand is one of the best ways to make kids have their meals happily. Make the dining time a fun filled experience which children can look forward to day after another. They are more likely to enjoy eating in a caring and happy environment.transform yourself, your ways and your style of cooking to attract the children to the dinner table.

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    simple meals can be made interesting by experimenting and innovating. Kids love colour in their foods. Colourful foods are more tempting for kids. similarly making foods interesting by way of making faces or different forms makes food appealing. I always give healthy food to my kids. I make clown sandwiches, caterpillar from grapes and so on. My kids love the way i arrange food for them and they instantly finish it off.

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    Hi, feeding children with nutritious food is very difficult for eve parent. Today junk food has taken over everywhere and children love the junk food more than the real food. This has made every parent’s life hell as in how to feed healthy food to their children and how to avoid their children from eating excess junk food. There are ways by which you can feed you children healthy food. These ideas will help your children to meet up the needs of the nutritional requirement by the body. Prepare some delicious dishes which your child will like adding the nutritional element.

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    Make sure to make something which is appealing to the eyes and looks and smells delicious so that your child wants to eat it. Children are always fussy eaters and only eat things which are appealing to their taste-buds. You can make a salad basket, wherein you can bake a whole wheat basket or it is readily available in any grocery store or malls. You can cut up all the favourite fruits which your child likes into cubes and then season them with herbs or any other seasoning or you can simply add chat masala or salt in it to make it sweet and spicy. Serve it by adding all the fruits into the basket and your child will love eating it.

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    Nutrition is extremely important during the developmental years of the child and a proper diet is compulsory. You have to ensure that each meal you serve them are healthy, nutritious as well as pleasing to their eyes and mouth. Children love tortillas or tacos and they are easy to make too. You can make them by adding your homely twist in it. You can make the tacos by our wheat rotis and then the filling can be made with any green vegetable mix like corns, tomatoes, peas and if your child likes non-veg you can also a chicken filling in it. Add a dash of mayonnaise and cheese in it to make it healthier and appealing to the kids.

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    You can make pizzas which is the most favourite dish of all the kids. You can make pizzas at home right from scratch with the help of whole wheat flour. You can make the pizza base with whole wheat and then add the toppings filled with paneer, corn, capsicum, tomatoes, onions, broccoli, mushrooms and if your child loves chicken you can also add chicken pieces as the toppings and fill it with cheese and bake it. This way your child will have a proper intake of the nutritional requirement and you can also tell him he can have as much as he wants, you will not stop him.

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    Hi, I agree there should be something new and different in meal which might attract the child to eat. Feeding your child dal rice daily can make him feel nauseous, you need to add some twist to make it different and more edible. You can add the same ingredients but one day you can make biryani by adding all the vegetables or a pulao by adding peas and carrots. One day you can make chicken biryani as children love eating chicken. One day you can just make some masala rice by simply adding turmeric and salt in the rice and some spice. This way when you try to be innovative they will also love to try new things.

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    We blame children every time that they do not eat things, but we adults are exactly same like them. We also need some change in our meals and drinks. Eating raw fruits and drinking plain milk daily becomes boring for the children. You can try making some smoothies out of the fruits and vegetables. Children love to drink such colorful smoothies and enjoy the sweet taste as well. This way they also have a proper intake of the nutritional amount and you don’t have to forcefully feed them. Make sure that you serve it in an attractive glass and decorate it the way your children like it.

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    its a known and accepted fact that kids like things that are decorative and attractive to look at,every parent present here would totally agree with me even if the taste of the food is average but if it looks attractive kids get tempted to take a taste of it so a s a parent we can improve our presentation skills to lure them

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