arjun yuvraj Bhupen kshettry .... his love affair with golf began when he was a few months old, or it would not be wrong to say, his love for golf runs in his genes. his late grandfather (Dadu) and his Dad have been avid golfers. Dadu inculcated the love for the game in his dad, who in turn passed it on to arjun when he was born in 2007. the golf set has been his constant companion ever since he was old enough to be able to stand by himself. first it was the colorful toy kinds and then by the age of 2 years he had his very own real golf set.
The main driving force in his life has been his father Rishi, who has been constantly guiding him through the various stages of learning how to play the game. arjun has been going to the golf course with Rishi since he was two and a half years old but the very first tournament that he played was in March 2012 in delhi at the Champions tour at the age of 5 years. the next one he played was in May 2012 in Jamshedpur. He was the youngest player in the junior boys category. it was very heartening to see him struggle to walk to complete 9 holes where his caddy and a few fellow players even carried him in between shots as he was too tired to walk! the organizers gave him a special prize just for his perseverance.

From here started his journey of playing golf tournaments being held in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Pune, Chandigarh. also, his formal training into coaching began in 2012 when he joined a 5 day camp organised by the Butch Harmon School of Golf in Pune, the same golf school that coached tiger woods. he now regularly trains at the golf academy at the oxford gold course in pune.

In the month of March 2013, Arjun added another feather in his cap, besides golf, when he was selected to participate in the Gladrags Little Miss and Master contest organised in Mumbai by the Gladrags academy and he was the runners up in the junior boys category. This involved a talent round, a fancy dress round and a formal dress round. All the participants were personally trained by Mrs. Maureen Wadia at the Gladrags Academy.

its been a hectic past one year for this little 6 year old but also a lot of fun. He has been playing regular tournaments and also visiting new places as a result. As his mother I am trying hard to keep a balance between his school and studies and studies and his golf and other activities. But Arjun has a great quality of focussing on things that he likes to do and golf is one of them. he listens to his Dad and his gentle guiding has made him a champion at such a young age.

As i write this article, Arjun is now preparing to go to the US to play in the Veritas World Juniors golf Tournament, considered the junior olympics of golf, from 20th to 26th of july 2013. this is being held in Los Angeles and has kids from 5-18 years of age from across the world participating in it. He is the only kid from India in the 6 year category to have qualified. his day now begins at 5 in the morning, he trains for an hour before going to school, comoes home by 3.30 pm in the afternoon, finishes his schoolwork and then goes for a 3 km run in the evening. Arjun's little 3yr old sister is also being slowly influenced by him and also wants to follow in his footsteps.