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Thread: How to Increase My Child’s Height?

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    How to Increase My Child’s Height?

    Which exercises and activities help to improve child’s height? What should be included in child’s diet so that it helps in increasing his or her height? What are the causes of poor growth and development of children?
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    certain exercises help a child grow taller but there are a lot of factors that determine how tall a child will grow. hormones, nutrition, environment the child was raised and genetics determine how tall a child will be.Cycling can make children grow taller. Swimming is also a very good exercise for growing taller. sports such as basketball and volleyball also good options.

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    good nutrition is most important part of growing up. It helps in determining height also to an extent. Growing children should eat foods that have fats, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins needed by the body in the right amounts. Dairy products, seafood, meats, fresh vegetables and fruits help them develop and grow faster.So it is important to have a balanced nutrition with more emphasis on dairy products.

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    The main cause of poor growth in children can be attributed to poor nutrition. Not taking adequate nutrition or balanced meals leads to deficiency diseases and this can affect growth. some illnesses may also inhibit growth. some illnesses cause poor absorption of nutrients. Low-birth-weight infants often grow slowly.

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    Hello I can understand when you have issues with your child’s height. We parents want our child to be good in everything even in the height. Having a good height and personality is every parents wish for their child. Having a good height also increase the self-confidence and self-esteem of the child. Having a good height can help him excel and take a career which he or she wants. There are problems which are faced by short children. I personally have faced such problems and don’t want my children to suffer from it. I have heard exercising and stretching helps in increasing the height.

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    Hi, I would like to suggest you to let your child hang on the bars. There are various places where you can find the hanging bars like gardens, play grounds and parks. Handing down from the bars is a very good exercise and very fun to. Children enjoy while hanging with their friends and think it is a type of game only. Just make sure that when your child is hanging from the rod his or her feet should not touch the ground. You can also challenge them to hang as long as they can and then reward them for how long they hang on. Both ways it is their profit.

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    I used to go for swimming when I was a child and I personally feel that it has been the best exercise so far for me. It helped me gain height but also kept my body in shape and I used to go daily for swimming and my whole body would be exercising while swimming. Swimming is also quite fun and all the children love it. Swimming helps in giving a full body exercise and works on the entire body and also helps in toning the muscles. The entire body is stretched and helps in releasing the growth hormone which helps in the growth of the height.

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    Stretching is also considered as one of the best exercises for increasing the height in children as well as teens. This is a natural way to increase your height and is quite easy and simple. This less complicated exercise can help your child to gain up to 3 inches of height. Stretching every day can help in good blood circulation as well. There are various benefits along with the increase of the height. Toe touching exercise is the best among stretching as this also gives a stretch to the spinal cord. Stretching also helps improve flexibility and the body posture.

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    A good and balanced diet is also considered to be a key to the gain of height. Eating the required the things on time can help in increase the height as well as the other body parts. A lot of calcium, vitamins and minerals are required by the child along with proteins and fats. Sometimes the growth is hampered due to insufficient nutrients which are not received by the body and lacking the proper growth of the body. Hence it is necessary to eat well and add all the healthy things in the diet of the child. Eating right amount of fruits, vegetables, eggs, nuts and milk is extremely important for proper growth.

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    Every child grows at his/her own pace. And it is advisable that we should not compare our child’s growth with other children. Though you regularly need to keep an eye on your child’s growth. For that you can take the help of a doctor or the growth charts.
    The growth of a child is mainly influenced by the genetics background or the hormonal imbalance. Where as the other reason that can affect the growth can be because of poor nutrition, sleeping patterns, severe stress, presence or absence of chronic illness etc.
    Activities like stretching exercise, skipping, swimming, games like basketball, Volleyball, ankle weights, jogging etc helps a lot in improvement in height. Instead of the indoor activities, let your child take participation in outdoor games & activities. Yoga is indeed a very good option for the growth and you can practice yoga asanas like Sukhasana, Surya Namaskar, Parivrtta Trikonasana, Adhomukha Savasana for a quick growth.

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